The New York Shuffleboard association exists to grow the shuffleboard community in New York state and connect our players with the larger national and international shuffleboard communities. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment devoted to community, skill improvement, and friendly competition.

Your support helps us run leagues and tournaments, host clinics, and plan competitive and community events all over the state. To learn more about NYSA membership and how to join, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did we form a state association?

Forming a state association will help us add more structure to existing shuffleboard extracurriculars happening outside of team leagues at Royal Palms Brooklyn (like singles leagues and individual rankings), and create new opportunities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players alike. It will give shuffleboard players in New York a voice at National Shuffleboard Association meetings. As an organization, we will be better able to promote the sport of shuffleboard all across the state.

Will this change how Royal Palms league night works? Will I have to join a whole new thing to play?

Nope! Royal Palms team leagues will continue to operate separately from NYSA the same as they always have, and there is no obligation to be involved in the state association if you’re not interested.

How do I join/get involved?

Click here to become a NYSA member! Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon on how to get involved in committees and other volunteer opportunities. Learn more about our singles league here. And join the Get The Drift Discord server to stay in the know on all the latest shuffleboard happenings.

What if I haven’t been playing long?

There is absolutely no prerequisite skill level or time spent playing to become a member or get involved. We want to be inclusive of the interests of our players, whether they’re just starting out or have been playing for a long time. The only requirement is desire and commitment to strengthening the New York shuffleboard community.