Shuffleboard Players Traveling from Around the World to Play in New York Tournament

Brooklyn, NY: The New York Shuffleboard Association (NYSA) is excited to host its first national tournament, welcoming 128 players from eight states and two continents to Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club on June 15-16, 2024. 

“We’re incredibly proud of the community that has formed here in New York,” says Amelia Burger, President of NYSA. “We’re excited for friends and competitors from all over to visit and see what makes our community so special, and we hope it also gives us an opportunity to show people here in New York what we love about shuffleboard, and also just how competitive it can be!” 

Shuffleboard, long associated with senior centers and cruise ships, has been experiencing a surge of popularity in recent years among players of all ages. While there are currently more than a dozen tournaments sanctioned by the National Shuffleboard Association every year, this is only the 7th on the record to be held on a weekend. All those weekend tournaments have been held in the last 3 years, highlighting a growing demand from people looking to travel for competition who don’t have the same flexibility of a stereotypical retiree player. NYSA’s tournament will host players in their 20s to their 70s, all brought together by a love of shuffleboard. 

The tournament will run from 7:30am – 2pm on Saturday, June 15, and 8:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday, June 16. The event is open to the public and spectators are welcome to attend. Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club is located in Gowanus, Brooklyn at 514 Union Street and is a 21+ venue. More information can be found at

About New York Shuffleboard Association: Founded in 2023, NYSA aims to grow the shuffleboard community in New York state and connect players with the larger national and international shuffleboard communities. They are committed to fostering an inclusive environment devoted to community, skill improvement, and friendly competition. 

NYSA is an independent 501(c)(3) organization. NYSA runs competitions and social events to help support player development and community around Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, where many of its members play, but also strives to create new opportunities to grow the sport all over the state. They hope to continue to collaborate on events with clubs throughout New York and surrounding states, as well as work with Bryant Park to develop programming on the two courts that were recently installed there. 

For more info, contact: [email protected]